Idea-stage Investors

First to invest, first to market.

As Venture Capitalists

We think differently

We invest in ideas, not in products or traction. We invest in your vision, and help you build it with the help of our architects who take you through our Rally to MVP process.

RallyCry Ventures will be your first institutional investor before any capital has been raised.


Our team's




We want to be your first investor. If you have raised outside capital, or have been part of an incubator / accelerator, you are probably too late for us.



We want companies where customers pay for using the product or service directly. We don't invest in companies built on indirect revenue, e.g. media, content or advertising.



We don't target specific sectors, instead we focus on how software and technology mixed with creativity and innovation can create a new market.


The Rallycry process

We will
Rally to MVP with you

The Rally to MVP process brings better capital, drives investor confidence, and delivers products to market, faster.

We invest, solution, and succeed as a team. We rally together.


We invest pre-product

Where we begin

RallyCry will be your first investor. We invest pre-product and write your first check to begin our journey.

Architect your Business, Product, and Revenue Model

Together we...

We help you define how your product, market and business model can interact to create revenue. Together we define, test and improve your revenue hypothesis so that you can reach product market fit.

Crystallize your investor story & pitch

Together we...

We help you tell a compelling story with a clear value proposition, revenue model and a go-to-market strategy so that you raise Seed.

Architect your Customer Experience

Together we...

We help build a brand and product journey. Our CX architect helps build your brand promise, company name and logo, and begins designing the user’s product experience.

Architect your Product

Together we...

Our product architect works with you to understand the implications of the product design, and build a best-in-class high performance architecture for your product.

Build an MVP

Together we...

Working with our preferred partner Creative Chaos, our teams focus on building, testing and launching your MVP.

Run a pilot

Together we...

We help take your product to market. Our architects work with you to launch and prove your product market fit, gaining you traction and revenue.

Raise SEED

Together we...

We introduce you to the right investors in our network and help you raise Seed.


Reach out to us with your idea.