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RallyCry Ventures isn’t your typical Venture Capital. We think of VC’s as Value Creators. Our leaders at RallyCry are an extension of your team – helping architect the success of your business. We empower founders up for the challenge, and committed to their cause. 

We invest, solution, and succeed as a team. We rally together.



Per Heistad

Per leads RallyCry’s deal flow while working with founders on the Market [Revenue] and Business Model. His experience includes 20 years of marketing/sales experience, the majority in B2B models. After 7 years contracted to American Express Financial Advisors, Per has served and contracted with 50+ businesses tasked with establishing their business model and revenue projections. Four of those companies have exited post involvement. The RallyCry ‘BPM’ process is his contribution to the startup ecosystem.

Per graduated from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University with a Business degree.


PARTNER, Product development

Arjun Bhatnagar

Arjun champions RallyCry’s strategy on product and team. His experience includes 11+ years in software development, digital design, and vast startup background. After the acquisition of his first startup, Arjun built his second working with almost 40 startups helping them grow, architect their software, and close early sales and rounds of funding.

He has been featured on the front page of many publications including CNBC for his achievements in technology, design, hacking, and building a three year old his own working hand.

Arjun Bhatnagar graduated from Babson & Olin College mixing his business & technical background. His passions extend to tinkering, education, and humanitarian efforts as he runs his own non-profit building schools around the world.


PARTNER, Customer experience

Michael Abbate

Michael provides the practice and approach needed to deliver successful Customer Experiences for RallyCry's portfolio of founders and their companies. He architects the brand aesthetic, tone, user experience, and service design for a founder’s evolving digital product.

Michael’s 10+ years in brand strategy and product design enables him to merge practical execution with conceptual vision on behalf of the firm’s portfolio. His client rolodex includes Fortune 500™ Brands: Bank of America / Merrill Lynch Corp., Fidelity, Capital One, Baskin Robbins, Nike, Hertz, Eli Lilly, Dunkin' Donuts, and Under Armour. Michael has driven brand and product experiences for emerging start-ups: Lovepop, Mabl, Overtone, and Litterati.

Michael carries his Master’s of Architecture from Wentworth Institute of Technology. The RallyCry Product Branding Sprint methodology is a process he brings to RallyCry Ventures as a differentiated contribution to startups.



Managing director

Shakir Husain

Shakir is the co-Founder and Managing Director of RallyCry Ventures. Shakir believes the greatest value comes when all parties have "skin in the game". Whether transforming government institutions, deploying the right people and capital to conquer a market, or re-imaging success for dysfunctional family-owned businesses – success is achieved when those leading the initiative are directly effected by failure or success.

Shakir has founded, led, and exited from multiple successful businesses. One such success is as CEO of Creative Chaos – a client delivery company founded out of his garage, which now spans three continents comprised of 350+ associates. Creative Chaos specializes in helping transform what clients can bring their customers through the digital space. Shakir thrives in digital transformations, building mobile applications, deploying new payment systems, and establishing value and utility through big data and social analytics.

Shakir serves on several boards and advises global and regional businesses ranging from the small-to-medium caps, as well as Fortune 500 companies. Beyond delivering value for established organizations – Shakir's greatest passion is in working with early-stage startups.

Shakir graduated from Whittier College. When he's not working you'll find him cooking, reading, and spending time with his two boys.


FOUNDER & Managing director

Umair Aziz

Umair is the Founder and Managing Director of RallyCry Ventures. Umair's hypothesis - arm a founder at the idea stage with a revenue architect, a technology architect and a customer experience architect and you increase their likelihood of success by 10x.

A serial entrepreneur with a 'value creation' mind-set, Umair possesses an incisive understanding and a clear vision for enabling technologies across multiple verticals. Umair mentors founders on technology and strategy and helps create wealth and opportunities by challenging traditional business models through creativity, innovation and smart application of technology.

As a technical architect, he specializes in the design and architecture of secure and scalable platforms. He serves as the Chief Innovation & Technology Officer at Creative Chaos. Umair is also a Forbes technology council member and helps fortune 500 CXO's on strategy, technology and digital transformation.

In his spare time, Umair plays guitar and drums with the hope that his daughter will think of him as a rockstar and find him cool enough to form a band one day.

Umair has a bachelors in Computer Science from the College of Wooster and has studied Private Equity and Venture Capital at Harvard Business School.

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